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The main mission of their company Art Media sincerity and commitment to customer knows and has proven this many times over the last 20 years Ast.mhmtryn activities and services offered include:

  • Holding seminars and conferences
  • Counseling and career planning
  • Research and studies marketing and sales
  • Successfully selling ideas
  • Branding and brand institutionalize
  • Prestige Billboard
  • Exterior and interior environments stands
  • Urban furniture and urban beautification
  • Led technology in urban environments
  • Professional design and print
  • Management and implementation of information and promotional campaigns


Be seen with our service.

Design and planning campaigns

Research and marketing consulting

Environmental advertising

Marketing and branding

Special visual effects

Teaser and movie production industries

Our media

Top and most visited advertising media to ask us.

Urban furniture

Design, construction and urban elements such as advertising on bus, subway and …


The best places in the country having a large number of billboards in high traffic and large cities to smaller airports and cities

Urban TV

Using the latest models and designs including LED Full Color panel or the urban TV

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Address: Issue 13, Fourth Floor East, Arian Tower, Boulevard MirDamad,Tehran IRAN .

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